Taylor Studniski

 Assistant Accountant & Women’s Fashion

About Me

Taylor Studniski is well-known in her community as someone who has excelled in school, comes from a good family, and has always prioritized personal fitness. While she is reaping the rewards of her efforts today, it is important to remember her roots and where she came from. Taylor has a very unique background and an interesting personal history that has helped him develop into the person she is today.

Taylor's family and her meaningful childhood were major influences in her life. Taylor was born and raised in Georgia and has lived in a variety of communities across the state. She enjoys traveling despite the fact that she was born in Lawrenceville. Her favorite places include the beaches of Hawaii, Dallas, and even London, UK.

She has had a variety of interests and hobbies since she was a child and into her adolescence. He enjoyed being active and fit when she was younger. This included going for hikes and bike rides on all of the trails in Peachtree City and other parts of Georgia and Texas when she was younger. As she grew older, she became interested in going to the local gym. She still goes to the gym up to six times per week. This provides her with an excellent opportunity to expend some excess energy while meeting her fitness goals.